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LIME CRIME - A HISTORY (REPOSTED) - we leave our prints everywhere we go. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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LIME CRIME - A HISTORY (REPOSTED) [Dec. 11th, 2009|04:16 pm]
This is a repost of Gothique's entry before she was threatened. Hope this helps!

I just want to reiterate, you can find most of this content in the Examiner ‘article’ comments. In fact, I suggest you look there for even MORE information, so many people have come out and posted their experiences as well. You can find that article and all the comments here.

Preamble: this has been pieced together mostly from a comment on the Examiner article. However, I have done some research and discovered that to the best of my knowledge what is written below is true. Several independent sources, including some of the names mentioned have corroborated this time-line.

2003: Ran a small eBay business named Thunderwear. She sold vintage and reconstructed dresses. I liked her a lot at this stange, she dressed like Emily the Strange or Wednesday Addams with a lolita twist. No copycatting or scamming that I could see. She seemed really nice.
2004: Brand changed to Lime Crime, and her fashion went more towards reconstructing band t shirts with skulls and stripes. It was a punky Japanese street fashion look. It was at that time she was close friends with (the lovely and awesome) Amy Doan from Shrinkle. Both businesses could fetch over $100 from one shirt. Some noted that where Shrinkle went, Lime Crime would follow with uncannily similar styles of shirts and colorways. Xenia discovers bright makeup and starts doing makeup tutorials using the Kryolan her friend Amy sold.
2005: Lime Crime continutes with bright Kryolan makeup tuts, and uncanny Shrinkle dupes. The Little Big Girls group Xenia formed to keep close contact with Amy, Supayana and other DIY designers breaks up. The reason being Xenia was trying to use the group as a shillbidding ring- The girls would make fake accounts and fake bid on each other’s auctions to unnaturally inflate the price for the real customers. Everyone found this disgusting, and the Amy/Xenia friendship was over. Xenia continues with the LJ community, copying Supayana cuts in bright Shrinkle colours, whilst desperately trying to cozy up to other famous people on the internet. Noteably Johanna Ost, whose hairstyle, interests and mannerisms were now adopted by Xenia.








Lime Crime:

2006: Lime Crime moves to exclusively trading on its own website. Style changes to completely replicate Supayana in soft pastels and floral prints. Goes out of business later in the year.
2007: With Lime Crime out of business, Xenia gets a day job, which ends in her redundancy later in the year. Despite still selling fur on eBay, she adopts the mantle of an animal rights activist as her new persona. During the lead up to her honeymoon she offers a jewelry box to be auctioned for charity, urging her lj friends to donate money to her paypal, which she claimed would then be passed onto a shelter. When asked which shelter would be receiving her fundraising, she became defensive, dancing around the questions and claiming people did not trust her. She deleted all queries regarding this, and finally named “the Brooklyn Shelter” which does not exist. Her evasiveness raised such suspicion that Paypal were contacted, who said they had no knowledge of her charity drive, and later closed her account.
On a bad-DIY snark community, a dress of Lime Crime’s surfaces, shown to be hemmed with Duct Tape. Xenia finds out, gets angry and calls the person who bought it (the mother of a girl on LJ) an “a**hole” for being stupid enough to buy her shoddy merchandise. The girl in question did not even post the dress herself, it was a friend who saw it and thought it was shocking enough to post, but she still ended up with her family dragged into it. Xenia later tries to cover her ugly side by deleting all her comments on the entry.
Just an insight into her character and the things she has done in the past before the blogazine. You can see that this whole makeup scam is really nothing new.
Sometime in there she began selling ‘desiger sunglasses’ :
I remember Xenia’s sunglasses scam all too well because I fell for it, lol! These were the pink heart sunglasses she claimed were fresh off the Paris runway, right. I paid $40 and gasped when I received them. Turns out they were TOY sunglasses, the kind you’d find in a 6-pack in the party favor section at Target! They were too small to wear, and the lenses popped out when I tried them on. I sent her a polite e-mail asking if I could return them because her listing did not mention they were a childrens’ toy. I got a cold response from her saying all sales were final and that I should have asked questions before buying. Huh? She said they were sunglasses, why should I have reason to question that? Anyway, wow, I forgot all about her until this link started floating around. I can’t believe years later she’s still scamming people for money. Will she ever just get a real job?!


After a LOT of searching and gathering, it’s been noted that ALL reference to Xenia ‘crreating’ her eyeshadow line have been REMOVED from the site. Yet everyone I talk to CLEARLY remember the stink she made about formulating them and how she demanded the brightest one of a kind colors, almost verbatim what she’s saying now about her lipsticks.
Also quite curiously, the November 24th post from her personal Doe Deere Blogazine site has ALSO been deleted. That was the date her line premiered and all of the reference to her creation of her products has been edited off of that site as well.

ETA from the Examiner Article comments again:

You completely forgot to mention her failed music career. Xenia and her boyfriend started a band called Sky Salt. They had so much trouble booking shows that Xenia had to rent her own club night, Maskara, just so that her band could finally play a show. Maskara was a complete disaster, only 25 people showed up (this was confirmed by the few people who did go, including Supayana who was her friend at the time) and everyone left before Xenia’s band even took the stage. She lost a lot of money paying the club to let her band play that night. The next day, Xenia posted unbelievably fantastic reviews of what a huge success the show was, claiming that over 250 people showed up & that Rolling Stone, Spin & other media had written phenomenal reviews calling her “the next Bjork” and that the New York Times proclaimed her “the next Betsey Johnson.” No evidence of any of these reviews has EVER been found, and of course when fans asked her to scan them in, she got angry and deleted their comments.

Here is a link to images from the event.

This link was just given to me about more insight about her past behavior.
On November 6 an email went out to all Team Candyfuture members basically telling them to stop telling people to Google Lime Crime. Why? Because this is what it auto-suggests when you type ‘Lime Crime’ into Google.
This link was sent to be today of the archive of her old Lime Crime site. If you click around you can read her ‘bio’.
… I returned about $200 worth of Lime Crime “magic eye dusts” a few weeks ago and it was really easy. When the repackaging scandal broke, I did some research, bought my TKB, and saw that they WERE exactly the same product. Lime Crime’s site says they don’t accept returns, but I emailed them anyway to ask if I could return mine due to the website being misleading. I waited a week and never heard back, so I went ahead and filed a Paypal dispute. Go to your account history and click on the transaction. There should be a link that asks you if the item was never received, or if it was “significantly not as described.” Pick the second one. Return the goods to Lime Crime and MAKE SURE YOU GET TRACKING! It’s only 55 cents. When the tracking number goes through to show that she received the package, Paypal will refund your money. I didn’t have any problems.

Paypal will in fact process your return if you follow the above. I have several confirmed accounts of people recently getting refunds for their ’significantly not as described’ product.


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